TS Solution House Pte Ltd

TS Solution House was established in 2011 with the vision to be the one stop I.T and Printing solutions for our valued client.

Quality of service is the top most priority as suggested by our company name TS, which denotes Trust and Sincerity we forge strong
relationships with leading technology and printing partners that enable us to recommend I.T and Printing Solutions that are in line with
Our customers strategic objectives.

TS Solution House build strong partnerships with leading vendors, selecting technology that will support you to improve efficiency and
quality of service.

We emphasizes greatly on simplicity and service. Which drives our Motto,

TS Solution House Serve a diverse range of clients, from small and medium business to enterprises, educational and government entities.
​Our service is promising to have many form of referrals pouring in.

Services that we Provide 

  • Printing Workflow Consultancy
  • PIC Consultancy
  • Multi Function Printer – Rental/Purchase/COD
  • IT Products – Laptop/Desktop/Printers/Apple Products
  • Paper – FSC Paper

We look forward to Serve you and should you require any form of services ,
Call us Now @ 6383-8222 or Email to Enquiry@tssh.com.sg

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