ApeosPort-V C7780 / C6680 / C5580

The new ApeosPort-V series take advantage of technology seen in smartphones and tablets by enabling users to operate the devices intuitively, for faster and more efficient production. Four different gestures – tap, double-tap, drag and flick – can be used to scroll and switch functions smoothly and quickly.



Working with you to deliver a new standard in flexibility and efficiency

High Productivity, High Quality and Greater Efficiency
It’s Here Now, at the Centre of your Business.

The ApeosPort-V C7780 / C6680 / C5580 is the flagship device of the ApeosPort series, inheriting high-speed technologies
from our leading Print on Demand device

Fuji Xerox has pursued a vision of total performance, high productivity and total reliability. We have combined these performance
demands with stabilised image quality, wide paper support capabilities and genuine power saving abilities in the new ApeosPort-V
C7780 / C6680 / C5580 series of devices, and adopted Gesture UI to improve operability.

Add to this mix our unique ApeosPort features providing secure access to external servers via the web, and it’s easy see that these
devices will be the “nerve centre” of your business, meeting your demand for true high performance and genuine efficiency

The Apeosport-V C7780 / C6680 / C5580 series of multifunction devices deliver higher customer satisfaction through:
Innovation, Cost Efficiency, Productivity and Sustainability.

Easy Fingertip Control

The new ApeosPort-V series tke advantage of technology seen in smartphones and tablets by enabling
users to operate the devices intuitively, for faster and more efficient production. Four different gestures
– tab, double-tap, drag and flick – can be used to scroll and switch functions smoothly and quickly
*Pinch in and pinch out operations (zooming in / out with two fingers) are not supported

Reduce Paper Wastage via Preview
Users can preview the finished results of their copying project – for example,
N-up, two side, stapled – when they set the copy functions. Any finishing applications
for Private Change Print jobs can also be previewed before printing. This eliminates
set-up mistakes and reduces waste from unnecessary printing and copying errors.

Your Own Menu Screen
Users can also create a customised menu screen showing their most frequently used
function buttons. As the device authenticates the user, their personal screen is
displayed so they can start working immediately.

*Available when an authentication mode is enabled.

Simpler Scan Work
Scanning can be streamlined by using predefined setting such as Auto, High Quality or
Small Size, so tasks can be performed with fewer steps.

*Available when an authentication mode is enabled.

Cost Efficiency

Linkage with Remote Authentication Servers

ApeosPort is capable to perform authentication management with user account information
from authentication server. This reduces administrative burden without requiring administrators
to configure authentication setting for each machine. Available services and colour can be
restricted on a user basis. By adding a built-in IC Card Reader* to the device, IC Card
authentication can be used. This feature can also provide access control to specific functions
on the device,enhancing both security management and user convenience.


Printable from Any Machine on Demand

After a job has been sent to the device, user can choose the “Server-less On-Demand” feature to
print it from any machine on the network on demand, simply by logging on to the machines.
Even if the selected device is in use, users can choose their job from another machines and
print it. No dedicated server is required for this feature. It is also possible to use up to five devices
in this way by grouping them – for example, by floor or workgroup.


Accurate and Speedy “Difference Check”

The Drawing Difference Detection Box enables users to automatically compare two sets of drawings
– to detect any changes, and then print the results with the differences highlighted in specified colours.
The results can be exported as a file or printed for reviewing. This can significantly reduce the time required
to check any differences visually, and can assist in recognising any omissions.



Boosting Productivity and User Friendliness

The new ApeosPort-V series includes features that deliver genuine productivity gains. These include a
high quality output resolution of 2,400 dpi. High-speed continuous output is available in both monochrome
and colour, to suit your current priorities, and you know you can count on superior engine reliability.

  • Real 2,400 DPI High Resolution
  • High Speed Scanning at 200 Page / Minute
  • Auto Duplex Print on Heavy Paper
  • IReCT Enhances Image
  • Large Colour Control Panel
  • “A3 with Crop Mark” Support
  • Various File Formats and Processing Supported
  • Conversion to Editable Work and Excel® Files
  • Data Compression Cuts Transmission Loads
  • Remote Power Control (Power Off)

Use of Mobile Devices Boosts Your Business

  • Save / Print Using a USB Memory
  • Direct Access from Device to Cloud
  • Print from Your Smartphone and Tablet Devices


Save Power without Sacrificing User Convenience

Fuji Xerox’s “Smart Power Saver” technology controls energy use when it isn’t required.

  • Save Power
  • Cut Noise Levels
  • Start Working Immediately
  • Power LED Delivers Brilliant Scanning
  • EA-Eco Toner Reduces Thermal Emissions
  • Excellent TEC Value

Extra Functionality in Finishing

A “Z Fold” Folding Capability is now available.
Further Finishing Functions with Introduction of C3 Finisher that supports “Z Tri-fold*”


*Folder Unit CD1 is require

Stapling thickness 50 sheets 50 sheets 50 sheets
Punch 2/4 hole punch*1 or
2/3 hole punch*2
2/4 hole punch*1 or
2/3 hole punch*2
2/4 hole punch*1 or
2/3 hole punch*2
Saddle stitching Available Available
Bi-fold Available Available
Tri-fold Available*3
Z-fold Available*3
Output Tray 500 sheets 500 sheets 500 sheets
Finisher Tray 3,000 sheets 1,500 sheets 1,500 sheets

*1: 2/4 Hole Punch Kit for C3 Finisher is required.
*2: US 2/3 Hold Punch Kit C3 Finisher is required.
*3: Folder Unit CD1 is required. Can also be installed on C3.
*4: 64 gsm Paper
Note: C3 Finisher or C3 Finisher with Booklet Maker requires Transport Unit V1.

Copy Function

Type ApeosPort-V C7780 ApeosPort-V C6680 ApeosPort-V C5580
Type Console
Memory Capacity 3 GB
Hard Disk Capacity*1 320 GB or Larger (Usable Space: 128 GB)
Colour Capacity Full Colour
Scanning Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Printing Resolution 2,400 x 2,400 dpi (High Resolution Photo)
600 x 600 dpi (Text / Text-Photo / Photo / Map)
Warm-up Time 90 sec or less (At room temperature 20°)
Original Size Max: 297 x 432 mm (A3, 11 x 17″) for both Sheet and Book
Paper Size Max. SRA3 (320 x 450 mm), 13 x 18″ (330.2 x 457.2 mm)[13 x 19.2″ (330.2 x 488 mm) when using Bypass Tray]
Min. A5 [For Bypass Tray: Postcard (100 x 148 mm) and
Envelope (120 x 235 mm)]
Image Loss
Lead edge 4 mm or less, trail edge 4 mm or less
right / left edge 3.5 mm or less
Paper Tray 64 – 220 gsm*3
Bypass Tray 64 – 300 gsm
First Copy Output Time B/W: 4.1 sec or less (A4 LEF / Monochrome priority mode)
Colour: 6.5 sec or less (A4 LEF / Colour priority mode)
A4 LEF / B5 LEF B/W: 75 ppm
Colour: 70 ppm
B/W: 65 ppm
Colour: 60 ppm
B/W: 55 ppm
Colour: 50 ppm
A4 / B4 B/W: 54 ppm
Colour: 51 ppm
B/W: 47 ppm
Colour: 44 ppm
B/W: 40 ppm
Colour: 36 ppm
B4 B/W: 44 ppm
Colour: 39 ppm
B/W: 39 ppm
Colour: 36 ppm
B/W: 33 ppm
Colour: 30 ppm
A3 B/W: 37 ppm
Colour: 35 ppm
B/W: 33 ppm
Colour: 30 ppm
B/W: 27 ppm
Colour: 25 ppm
Paper Tray
Standard 500 sheets x 2 Tray + 870 sheets + 1,140 sheets +
Bypass Tray 250 sheets
Optional HCF 2: 2,2000
Maximum Paper
5,260 sheets [When optional HCF 2 or HCF B1-S is equipped]
Output Tray Capacity*4 500 sheets (Simple Catch Tray)
Power Source AC 220 – 240 V ± 10%, 10A (1 Power), 50 / 60 Hz,
AC 110 ± 10%, 11A + 9A (2 Power), 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 2.4 kW or less (AC 220 – 240) / 2.2 kW or less (110V),
Sleep Mode: 1.0 W or less, Low Power Mode: 107 W
Standby Mode: 192 W
Dimensions / Weight*5 [9″ WVGA UI] W 700 x D 804 x H 1,154 mm, 240 kg[Large Size UI] W 1,022 x D 804 x H 1,392 mm, 247 kg
Print Function
Continuous Print Speed*6 Same as Basic Specifications / Copy Function
2,400 x 2,400 dpi
Data Process Resolution Standard: 600 x 600 dpi, High Resolution: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Standard PCL6, PCL5
Optional Adobe® PostScript® 3™
Interface Standard Ethernet 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T, USB 2.0
Optional Ethernet 1000BASE-T*7
Scan Function
Type Colour Scanner
Scanning Resolution 600 x 600 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi
Original Scanning Speed*8 B/W: 100 ppm
Colour: 100 ppm (1-pass 2 sided scanning: 200*9)[Fuji Xerox Standard Paper (A4 LEF), 200 dpi, to confidential box.]
  • Fax Function
  • Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
  • C3 Finisher
  • C3 Finisher with Booklet Maker
  • HCF2 (2000 sheets)
  • HCF B1-S
  • Folder Unit CD1

*1: Not all of the hard disk capacity is actually available for user.
*2: Use Fuji Xerox recommended Paper. Documents may not be print correctly depending on usage conditions.
*3: 177 – 220 gsm papers are not supported because there are cases where 177 -220 gsm paper are not available for paper transport.
*4: 80 gsm paper.
*5: Except Tonner, paper Stock, Output Tray.
*6:The speed varies depending on the documents.
*7: When this option is equipped, Ethernet 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T will not be available
*8: The scanning speed varies depending on the documents.
*9: When the Secure Watermark Kit (Optional) is installed, and the secure Watermark function is active; the Reversing Document Feed method will be applied, and the scanning speed will become 57 ppm.


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